Westchester County Historical Society

Image Reproduction

Image Reproduction Fees and Policy

High-quality digital reproductions are available for use in any not-for-profit, government, or commercial book, magazine, newspaper, scholarly journal, brochure, calendar, poster, flyer, postcard, documentary, TV show, feature film, video, exhibition, website, promotional material, or advertisement. A commercial usage fee applies to anyone wishing to publish images supplied by the Westchester County Historical Society.

Reproduction Fees

Photocopying: 50 cents per page

Digital Images: $15 per scan / $5 if scan already exists

  1. Scans are at least 300 dpi for an 8.5 x 11 inch image. All digital images are provided as tiff files. Jpeg files available upon request.
  2. Prices do not include NYS sales tax (8.375%) which must be included.
  3. Payment is required in advance.
  4. For special orders, oversized scans and/or reproduction other than digital or photocopying please contact WCHS staff.
  5. Images may not be reprinted in any way without the written consent of the Westchester County Historical Society.

Commercial Usage Fees

  1. Patrons wishing to reproduce images for any type of commercial usage will be charged $50 per image for a one-time right to reprint.

Commercial Usage

WCHS defines commercial usage as any film, movie or documentary; any advertising, either film, print (includes pamphlets, brochures, or magazines) or internet; publishing in books, pamphlets, brochures, or magazines, display in any commercial venue including office buildings, stores, private offices, corporate offices etc.

This agreement allows for a one-time-only use of the image or images; any second use requires a second charge of $100 per image in addition to written consent from WCHS. The $100 fee does not include the costs of reproducing the image; reproduction costs are additional.

Credit Line

All images, regardless of where they are displayed, must give appropriate credit to the Westchester County Historical Society; this credit must be prominently displayed.


Certain Collection Materials may be protected by copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights not owned by WCHS. WCHS can only grant permission to reproduce Collection Materials which are either in the public domain or for which WCHS is the owner of the rights.

WCHS reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time. All images are the sole property of the Westchester County Historical Society. No one may copy, duplicate, reprint or resell any WCHS image without the written consent of the WCHS executive director or librarian.