Family History Hunt

Family History Hunt

In celebration of the Westchester County Historical Society’s 150th Anniversary!

Get ready to tour over 90 historic sites in 32 different Westchester communities. There are “challenges” at each site, most often the taking and uploading of pictures to a web-app using a mobile device with a WiFi connection. Everyone who uploads photos is eligible for a prize, and families who visit all of the sites will receive free tickets to some of Westchester’s best activities. Special prizes for the first families to finish and the account with the most creative site images. The Family History Hunt runs from July 1st through September 10. Fun for the whole family!

All of the activities of the Family History Hunt are accessed through a web-app designed by Otocast. The web-app can be opened by scanning this QR code or by visiting Westchester History Hunt.

Some helpful tips:

  • The web-app can be accessed by mobile devices and also laptops. Mobile phones or tablets with built-in cameras are preferred (because they prompt you to take photos vs. uploading images for the assigned challenges).
  • It is highly recommended that families plan out their historic site visits in advance by first visiting the landing page of the web-app. Here you can review the entire county map and see exactly where all of the sites are located. It is most convenient to visit sites that are clustered together. 
  • Some of the sites provide areas for picnics, some have visiting hours or offer tours, and some have playgrounds or accessible walking trails.  
  • The sites are all marked with pins containing yellow stars, along with their names and community locations. The sites are all tagged with GPS coordinates using geolocation. 
  • Directions to each site are provided within each site description. 
  • All of the historic sites are on public property. PLEASE BE MINDFUL (AND RESPECTFUL) OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Please park carefully in a safe area before taking any photos, and please take note of your surroundings, especially on roads and bridges and anywhere cars or trains are present.

Follow these easy steps to participate in the Family History Hunt:

  • Go to the Otocast web-app using the QR code or link above.
  • Register an account using an email address and a password (required). This will be the account that stores your site visits and tallies all completed challenges, and will be used for prize distribution.
  • Pick which sites you will be visiting.
  • After you have arrived at a site, review each site’s Description, listen to each site’s Audio (by clicking on the “Play” button), and then click on the Challenge for each site.
    • If the Challenge instructs you to take a picture, the phone on your mobile app should automatically open when you click on the Challenge. (If using a laptop, you will first need to take a picture with your mobile device and then send it to your laptop and upload it from there.) 
    • After you have completed each Challenge, the star within the corresponding pin on the county map will turn from yellow to gray. Completed Challenges will appear in gray font (with the date that it was completed. These completed Challenges will be added to your overall tally.